The Clinic has only four part-time employees (two FTEs).

The Clinical Director and Assistant Clinical Director run the day-to-day patient care program at the Clinic.  Both are registered nurses who have significant managerial and nursing experience in various healthcare settings.









Our Outreach Program Manager works primarily in the communities the Clinic serves to ensure that eligible residents know where the Clinic is located and how to access its services.

An Administrative Assistant provides support to the Clinical Director and CEO, and manages the Clinic’s relationship with the provider of free prescription medications for eligible patients.

Medical Staff

Medical services are provided by more than 30 volunteer doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and registered nurses who staff regular appointment hours at the Clinic.







Non-Clinical  Staff




Over 30 non-clinical volunteers staff the Clinic’s front office, prescription assistance program, spiritual support service, and management functions(e.g., fundraising, grant writing, donor relations, publicity and social media management).