Giving Day Update 5/9/2016

To our Giving Day donors:
We are pleased to report that Lowcountry Giving Day 2016 was even more successful for Good Neighbor Free Medical Clinic than either of the prior two Giving Days.  We received 126 contributions totaling $43,400.  We are grateful for your financial support for the important work the Clinic is doing and your confidence in the mission we are trying to fulfill.
Thank you for your donations on Giving Day and for all the contributions of service by our staff members and volunteers who give so much to the Clinic every day.  It is a very special place to work.
On behalf of the Board,
Wendy Nagy, Chair

Giving Day 2016

Good Neighbor Free Medical Clinic of Beaufort (the “Clinic”) has an important Giving Day campaign ending on May 3rd:
Coastal Community Foundation, SCANPO and Bidr are partnering with the Clinic and other local charities to encourage people to support organizations that make our community strong. This year anonymous supporters of the Clinic have raised $7,500 in matching funds, which are serving to double the amount of the first $7,500 contributed to the Clinic in this campaign.  All funds will help the Clinic provide primary medical care for uninsured, low-income adults in Beaufort County.  The Clinic operates on a very low budget to provide primary care without cost to many people who have no other access to health coverage. Most are ineligible for federal subsidies under the Affordable Care Act because their incomes are too low, and all are ineligible for Medicaid or any other affordable health insurance program.
If you are planning to give to the Clinic this year and have not yet done so, please help us double your money by giving in this campaign.  Gifts may be made –
By CHECK:  dated not later than May 3, made payable to Good Neighbor Free Medical Clinic of Beaufort (or GNFMCB).  Checks may be left in the Dataw message box at
810 Island Circle West (Nagy) or mailed to the Clinic (30 Professional Village Circle, Beaufort, SC 29907); or
ONLINE:  where donations may be scheduled until May 3, by visiting 
Please feel free to call with any questions.
With gratitude to those who have already given and appreciation for the consideration of all,
Cathy Crocker, Elizabeth Grout and Wendy Nagy